After spending our college years watching this accelerate faster away from what our Founders created and down the path to socialism, we finally got fed up just talking amongst ourselves and our friends and decided to take our discussions farther.  We have both read and study a lot of material on a wide range of issues from healthcare to terrorism to the economy and everything in between.  If it’s a contentious issue, we’ve probably covered it.  We hope to share some of what we read and study with you to get our message out. We may have had our own discussions, but it just wasn’t enough.  Our country is going down a dangerous path and we must slow it down and eventually put it back on the path our Founders intended.  If we want to do this, we need to make sure people are informed so they can act to preserve the gift many of us have taken for granted.  The time to act is now, which is why we created this blog so we can help keep people informed on what is really happening since most of the media doesn’t seem to care but rather is on board with this socialist spiral.  Bottom line, we want to spread our message and help get more people involved.  People are waking up in this country, but not fast enough, so we’re here to wake some more up.


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