Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | May 15, 2012

Time to Abolish Marriage Discrimination

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff on equality and I must say I’ve been very disappointed in the amount of bigotry and fear in the world. I wish people would stop being so narrow-minded and come to the realization it’s high time we stopped taking such a restrictive stance on marriage. It truly amazes me that well into 2012 we’re still quibbling about this issue.  I think it’s time we abandon those outmoded Christian ideals and started being more open0-minded and accepting. There is after all quite a long tradition, stretching across many cultures, supporting marriage to multiple people. I know homosexuals the world over are excited to have a president that supports them and their quest for equality.

I find this ironic for several reasons. First, how is it our culture is willing to define allow homosexual marriage yet still looks down on polygamy?  As I said there is far greater precedence across many cultures stretching throughout time supporting the idea that men can marry multiple women.  Heck some cultures even allow women to marry multiple men. Yet, no where in the history of the human race was homosexual marriage accepted, at least until recently.  Now these polyphobes refuse to grant polyamorous couples equality.

That brings me to my second outrage. Why is this such a great victory for equality? The President defined marriage between two people as acceptable. Why did he stop there? How un-enlightened. He said, “I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” I can only assume he does not include three, four or five people in his statement about couples marrying. For that matter why does it have to be two people at all?

The gist of the argument I’ve seen put forward by most progressives is as follows: “If government is going to give benefits such as tax cuts to citizens it cannot restrict those benefits to anyone.” If that is the case on what grounds can this hateful president restrict marriage between two living individuals? I find it totally unacceptable and incredibly offensive that the debate only centers around homosexual partners (read two people).

How can this newly “evolved” president harbor such bigotry toward people with differing sexual preferences? How does he expect to explain to his daughters why two women and a man cannot be married? Despite a long standing tradition in Islam for multiple wives our hate-filled country still insists they can only have one legal wife. We may have evolved to the point of allowing homosexuals to re-define marriage, but we forced an entire state to end the practice of polygamy prior to joining the Union. That was wrong and should be corrected. There’s no telling how many families throughout Utah and other western states that have to live secret lives. There’s probably at least 2% of people in this country that have to hide their love for several people out of fear and judgement.  Obama’s decision did nothing for them and in fact only highlighted the discrimination present in this country.

Love is love and who are we to stand in the way?  Does allowing a group of 3-4 people to marry harm homosexual partnerships? What about if a man marries his dog? What if he marries his dead girlfriend? Should we even discriminate against incest?  Other countries are “evolving” their concepts of marriage is it so much to ask that we simply look back on our future or at the beliefs of several powerful religious groups and accept their definitions of marriage too? In today’s world how can we still hold such absurd and hate-filled beliefs? I think it’s high time that Obama not only renounce the Dark Age concept of heterosexual marriage, but also abolish the discriminatory barrier limiting it to just two, living adults. After all marriage sanctioned by the state cannot discriminate against individuals for any reason. After all, “We have never gone wrong when we expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody. That doesn’t weaken families, that strengthens families,” according to Obama. Maybe it’s time he start evolving his thoughts on polygamy a little so we can get moving on strengthening our families even further. It’s my belief that nothing strengthens marriage more than allowing everyone to marry whoever they want.



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