Posted by: Rational Voice | October 10, 2011

The Pathetic 0.99%ers

A friend of mine posted this today on Facebook and I had to share it.

They say that we’re all part of the 99%…bull.  I’m sure not part of the top 1% but I’m sure as hell not with these freeloaders.  I may not be rich but I’m not going to demonize those who are and try to take everything from them.  I want to get to where they are.  I see them as being what I’d love to achieve, not an obstacle in my way. The only obstacle in my way, and in the way of these morons, is the government which fuels dependency and destroys initiative and the American ideal of self-sufficiency and reliance.

I’ve heard so many times about our generation being the “lost generation.”   I don’t look at us as lost.  In fact I see our generation as having the ability to be another great generation, one that is extraordinarily well off.  If you work hard and live within your means, you have the ability to make it big in the next few decades.  I’m investing heavily in this down market and once it finally recovers I’m going to have a firm base on which to build my future.  I will eventually have more money than I ever dreamed of because I didn’t blame others for the bad times but rather because I got out and made the most of it. I don’t see this time as a time of troubles, I see it as a time that is utterly full of possibilities and potential so long as I’m willing to work hard to take advantage of it.  They aren’t and I will leave them in the dust behind me.

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