Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | September 12, 2011

Rule of Three

So, today I had about three different ideas circling in my head.  None of which were individually fully formed arguments to post to a blog.  Anyway here goes my absolutely independent and unrelated ideas.

The budget. Yup have you heard anything about it since the debt ceiling debate?  You haven’t? Me or Rational Voice either.  The House passed Ryan’s bill, but the Senate has yet to move on it.  This year’s Continuing Resolution (the thing the government used since it failed to do its job last year) expires at the end of this month.  Looks like Congress is going to fail to do its job yet again and as I just established no one in the media is talking about it.  Apparently Barrack talking about creating jobs with more borrowed money is more important.  I guess a campaign speech to a joint session of Congress is more important than having Congress do its job.

This brings me to my second thought.  We now have American troops on the ground in Libya.  It may only be a few and for a short time, but we were promised this wasn’t a military operation and Congress need not worry about authorizing the actions, afterall there weren’t any ground troops involved.  I mean this isn’t a war or anything, right? Our role is narrow and limited and only involves “kinetic” action from fighters/bombers high in the sky.  Let me remind you of Obama’s words a few weeks ago:

We have not put any boots on the ground. And our allies, who historically we’ve complained aren’t willing to carry enough of the load when it comes to NATO operations, have carried a big load when it comes to these NATO operations. And, as a consequence, we’ve protected thousands of people in Libya, we have not seen a single U.S. casualty, there’s no risks of additional escalation, this operation is limited in time and in scope.

It may seem like no big deal, but when taken in conjunction with all of the administration’s other actions is just ridiculous.    

Finally, why do we have the burden of proving lower taxes creates jobs?  The Left is always making the claim that a stimulus and increasing taxes on wealthy will grow jobs, yet time and again that has failed.  In every other facet of the tax code from “poll taxes” on strip clubs, carbon fees on coal plants to “sin taxes” any time the government wants to discourage something they increase taxes.  So why does it follow that when taxes are increased in this instance it will grow jobs.  It doesn’t make sense, yet the right is always asked to defend the position that tax cuts will grow the economy, like it doesn’t make sense and is an impossible position.  I think we should reverse the paradox.  It’s the other way around.  Next time a liberal tells you to pay your fair share or tries to push more taxes on the rich ask them to briefly explain how that will possibly create wealth, make jobs and grow the economy.  I’m still waiting for a plausible explanation.  I’ll even ignore the empirical evidence if you can raise a sound logical argument.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today. Hope you enjoy, feel free to discuss and debate.


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