Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | September 11, 2011

Government’s Job Function

I was driving back to work  after lunch the other day and heard a few interesting point from some Texas Representative on Rush’s show.  He was discussing Obama’s “jobs” speech.  Of course, there’s the typical arguments, like “where the crap will we get the money to pay for this!?” and “If it didn’t work last time, why would we try spending another few billion on the same failed ideas?”  But buried in all this was a simple statement and a simple truth.  The Congressman said, “government should not be a partner with companies. Private businesses do not want a partner in government, that’s what you see in a socialist state or dictatorship.  Government should be a referee.  They enforce laws, prevent monopolies and prevent contract infringement.”  There it is folks, a simple and perfect example of what government’s role ought to be in economic growth. 

The entire premise of the “jobs speech” is flawed.  Government cannot create wealth.  Sure the federal government can hire more bureaucrats, more regulators and people to dig ditches and fill them in.  None of these things will meaningfully employ people that will generate long term growth.  The permanent jobs will leech off the private sector, siphoning money and resources away from real job creators, while the temporary jobs will have limited impact.     

If instead Barry had proposed reducing the hundreds of regulations his EPA alone is pushing that would have helped.  If he had reigned in his Justice Department from raiding American guitar companies (and perhaps sent them to investigate the New Black Panthers or those responsible for Fast and Furious) maybe companines would feel safe to start hiring again. 

Government does not create jobs, both liberals and conservatives would do well to learn this fact.  Government protects society, its function is to prevent harm to citizens and ensure laws are followed.  In essence government is a ref.  I believe Rick Perry gets this to an extent, though he still tries to hold up the Texas example to prove he was “creating jobs.”  Texas is adding tons of jobs, but only because the government is passive or reactive in creating jobs.  As government shrinks and removes its poisonous tentacles from the economy growth will follow and fill the gap.  Texas has limited regulation, no state income tax and a very laizefaire attitude.  This is what’s responsible for job growth.  Rick Perry created jobs only in the sense he fostered and allowed an enviornment in which the fragile thing known as an economy could grow.  Perhaps the Teleprompter of the United States could take a second to look to Texas and learn what his soon to be Presidential opponent did to create jobs and grow the economy.  Sadly for our country I don’t think he’s likely to do that, but I guess that will help us get a Republican back in the White House, so I’ll take soliace in that.

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