Posted by: Rational Voice | September 8, 2011

Liberal Civility

In the wake of the shootings in Tuscon, liberals pointed the finger at conservatives, claiming that our language influenced a guy who was clearly unstable to shoot up a group of people including a member of Congress. We were told we had to tone down our rhetoric. Ever since then, every liberal who once called for “civility” has now been caught using even worse language and more uncivil words and phrases than the ones they once condemned. The dirty little secret is that they are using the notion of “civility” to shut conservatives up. But it’s no longer a secret, it’s right out in the open. There is no denying it and their silence on their own being “uncivil” speaks volumes.

When their own side uses such language, like James Hoffa Jr. at a labor rally in Detroit this past Monday, liberals completely ignore it, much like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or Jay Carney did in the aftermath of Hoffa’s speech. In fact, nobody said anything during the debt ceiling fight when conservatives were being called “terrorists,” “hostage takers,” and a whole host of other names throughout that battle. If a conservative had said any of this, you know the likes of Debbie and Jay would be out calling for people’s heads. Or if a conservative group had made a video game like this, you can bet they would raise more hell than they did after Tuscon. Will they condemn this game? Don’t hold your breath. I’m not going to.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that such language doesn’t bother me at all and I think much ado is being made about nothing with all of this. I understand metaphors and figures of speech and feel they enrich our language. They don’t bother me. That and I have much thicker skin than liberals. Even when liberals utter these “uncivil” things, I really couldn’t care less. But since they have claimed the mantel of civility, I now care. You cannot condemn one side, saying their words provoke violence without having any evidence and say they need to tone it down and then go out and say even worse things. I now care because of am sick of the blatant hypocrisy. If these bastards are going to get on their high-horses about civility and then say worse things than conservatives have or fail to condemn their own, I will make them eat every damn uncivil word they utter. I will make them own their hypocrisy. I will not let this go until they either back down from this civility nonsense or start showing some courage by calling out their own. Until then I will not let up and neither should you.

Update: Liberals always accuse conservatives of promoting violence with their rhetoric, yet there is no evidence. With liberals though violent action proceeds their rhetoric.

Update #2: So one of the “evil” Koch brothers uses something that is an actual metaphor and the left goes nuts and says that he is comparing President Obama to Saddam Hussein and the president all but condemns it. Funny how the left works, huh?

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