Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | September 7, 2011

GOP Debate

So I watched one of the debates for the first time tonight.  I was curious to see the contenders for myself.  I have a few I like, but I haven’t put my full support behind anyone yet.  Anyway, it was interesting to see how they reacted to pressure and tough questions.  Here’s my thoughts on the important contenders tonight.

Romney:  He very well may have “won” the debate, at least based on what the media says.  He’s an excellent politician.  He can talk extremely well and he made a great effort to distance himself from RomneyCare.  But that fact still remains.  He created the model for Obamacare, the program that sparked the most opposition, Obamacare, which helped bring about the Tea Party.  Romney’s plan will not bode well for him in the general election and with the right-wing.  Romney also got a few jabs at Perry, made some jokes, but still kept things “civil.”  He had a good showing, but it wasn’t enough to win me to his side.

Perry: He was nervous and kind of stumbled out of the blocks a little.  It was apparent he was nervous, that’s no big deal.  Perry has never thought of himself as an excellent debater.  He did not even debate his opponent in the state-wide election for governor this last election.  Regardless, he got his nerves under control and managed to repel many of the attacks leveled against him.  Of course he was a target, as the front-runner that’s to be expected.  He did well defending Texas job creation and demonstrating how well the state is doing.  He did quell some of my concerns over his use of an Executive Order to push an HPV vaccine on young girls.  Finally, Perry made an effort to lay out his belief on immigration.  I still don’t fully like his position, but I’m willing to listen and it’s not a single voter issue to me, so I can still support him.  I did like his response on the Ponzi scheme of Social Security.  All in all, not a terrible showing for his first debate.

Cain: Thought not a front runner, I like him.  Speaking of Social Security Cain has great ideas.  He wants to move towards a Chilean model and is pushing for serious tax reforms.  He has great ideas and spoke well tonight.  Unfortunately, he just doesn’t have a chance.  His name isn’t big enough and that’s too bad.  He was funny and I think the only candidate to actually put forward tangible plans, rather than good sounding platitudes.

Bachmann:  She was almost non-existent.  She didn’t say much throughout the debate, and nothing new.  She’s still a good speaker, but really nothing impressive tonight.  Honestly, there were times I forgot she was on stage.

The others: Paul, still a nut and very fringe.  Huntsman, an Obama appointee, need I say more. Santorum, said the same thing as everyone else…Newt, the only thing worthwhile he said was the GOP will be united and will push to defeat Obama, no matter who wins.  He refused to let the media drive a wedge and pledged to support the GOP candidate so we can defeat the Obummer.  That’s the only thing good he said all night.  Every thing else was typical.

It’s shaping up to be a great race and we definitely have some candidates that can defeat Obama.  I think my favorite tonight was Cain, but since he’ll be out soon I’m leaning towards Perry.  Despite he’s hiccups, he still didn’t pass RomneyCare.


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