Posted by: Rational Voice | September 7, 2011

Federally Funded Elections?

I caught a bit of the panel on Bret Baier’s “Special Report” on FoxNews the other night and they had some lady on there who, when asked about her ideas for job creation, said the first step towards fixing our mess is to go from privately funded election campaigns to Federally funded elections so we can get corporate money out of them. I don’t remember who she is nor do I remember much else of what she said, but it made me think of something I thought about a while ago.

I don’t know a whole lot about the idea of Federally funded elections of how that would even work, but it seems to me that doing such a thing would be a terrible idea. Given the political games the current administration is playing, do you think they would allocate a dime to any challengers, regardless of whether or not they were Democrat or Republican? And if we did have this, who would decide who would get the money? How would it be given out? Would all candidates get the money or would it just be the so-called “front-runners”? And if we are already running massive deficits, why would we spend even more on something like this? There are a lot of issues with this and considering that Washington screws up everything it touches, I don’t do want them going anywhere near the elections.

While all those are legitimate questions, they are all secondary. When she brought up all the corporate or special interest money that flows into campaign coffers which prompts the need for Federal funding, I thought of something completely different. The question at the heart of this issue is why are they spending so much on political activism? It is because they know by doing so they can get a huge return when the politicians they fund give them an earmark or special regulatory or tax treatment. Because of this reality, I think the only change that really needs to be made in this regard is that we get back to a Constitutionally limited government, that way we aren’t making laws that are outside the Constitution’s authority. If we keep our government limited and focused only on the required functions of government, there is no need for various groups, businesses, and organizations to try to influence politicians and gain special favors because there won’t be any laws or regulations made that they can hope to influence. It’s as simple as that.

Instead of pouring all their money into campaigns they would then be able put the money they have towards their own group’s or business’ actual operations. Granted, they try to get more money and special favors through their political contribution but maybe if they tried a little self-reliance they may actually accomplish more. Sadly, that has become a foreign concept in the nation that once epitomized it.



  1. But taxpayers actually save money if politicians were not funded by special interests in return for tax breaks special favors and government bailouts. I WON T SUPPORT WASTEFUL SPENDING..The best way to rid our government of wasteful spending is to eliminate the dependence of politicians on wealthy donors and special interests who want a pay-back for their support of campaigns.

    • And the best way to do that is to make politicians accountable to the Constitutional limits of government. If they were acting within the limits of the Constitution there would be no need for special interests to try to influence them because the politicians would not be interfering within the realm of these interests or within the markets.

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