Posted by: Rational Voice | September 1, 2011


You hear it all the time from Democrats and other redistributionists that Republicans and corporate jet flying executives are just “greedy” and that they’d rather just sit on their money instead of doing the right thing and hiring any of the millions of unemployed out there.  As I’ve pointed out before, there are numerous reasons why these people won’t hire. The biggest reason of all is the uncertainty of whether or not they’ll be able to make the profits necessary to stay in business or hire new workers with the obscene number of regulations, taxes, and other burdens to economic growth that this administration and the Democrats, along with agencies like the EPA and NLRB, have placed or will be placing on them.  It’s a no-brainer for businesses to do such things because without being able to make money, no business can actual stay in business.  It’s a dirty little fact of capitalism and reality that liberals simply refuse to or cannot grasp.

While liberals can do nothing but piss and moan about this “greed” and a lament about the plight of the American worker (who they’re doing more to harm than hurt with their policies), they neglect to see what all this really is.  It’s not “greed” or “selfishness” but something different: self-interest.  The so-called “rich” and business owners are looking out for themselves and their companies.  By looking out for themselves, they are ensuring that they stay afloat.  By making sure they stay afloat, they ensure they stay in business. Staying in business allows them to generate profits which they can then use to expand their operations, invest, and/or hire new workers. No matter what they do with these profits, they are good for the economy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, without being self-interested, you cannot help someone else.  By first helping yourself, you then ensure that you have the means to help others.  Liberals love to prop up those receiving government aid as though they’re pious and noble but they’re not.  These people cannot help themselves.  And since they cannot help themselves, they cannot help others, yet it is the rich who are being chastised by liberals on a daily basis for not being willing to “sacrifice” who are the ones subsidizing those who receive aid.  They should be thanking the rich for being successful enough to have the money that the government then takes from them.  If they didn’t have their money, there would be no way of providing for those who need aid.  I’m not trying to cut down those who receive aid but many of them are just moochers who use the social safety net this country provides as a hammock.  They should instead become producers, something which is far more noble. I’m all for helping those who truly need it but that should not be done via government but rather through charities.

I’ve wondered a bit from where I was going with this so I’ll now get back on track. The Democrats could turn this whole mess they call an economy around right now if they decided to use all this so-called “greed” to their advantage.  Those who have money know how to make more, even in the toughest of economic times.  They invest overseas, invest in bonds, sit on it, or do any number of other things to get some sort of return regardless of economic conditions but the one place they’re not making or investing a whole lot is in the business world because of the reasons I listed before.  If the liberals were to cut regulations and all the other burdens and uncertainties businesses face today, money would flow back into that world and hiring would expand at a faster rate than I think anyone could predict. This is because these “greedy” investors and business owners would see the potential to make a much larger return in this sector than they could hope to make just investing in bonds. Liberals could rely on this “greed” to expand the economy and actually get it growing again.

By using this “greed” to their advantage and turning the economy once again into a powerhouse, Democrats (since they control the White House and the Senate) could do their best to take all the credit for it.  Hell, they could have taken all of the credit had they tried this instead of their idiotic stimulus idea while they controlled both the White House and Congress.  But that’s the things with liberals.  They cannot and will not do such things, even when they can take all the credit for it.  They simply cannot overlook their Marxist ideology and their blind hatred of the “rich” and those who actually make this economy work.

For them to support and implement such policies would be suicidal for the Democratic Party but by staying the course they’re on, they’re also committing suicide, just at a much slower rate.  It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation for them. If they use this “greed” to their advantage, they will undermine every facet of their policy and party.  People will see that they have effectively adopted conservative policies and that they work better than most could have ever hoped. The party is screwed if they ever do that.  But they’re also screwed if they continue on with their current policies.  The economy will continue to shrink and more and more people will be out of work and will be relying more and more on government.  When this happens, the nation will simply run out of money because when nobody is producing, there can be no tax revenue, and with no tax revenue there can be no way to fund these programs. These programs will dry up, contrary to what every liberal says about our social programs, leaving people with absolutely nothing.  They will realize everything the Democrats have done has been an utter shame from the start; the proverbial house of cards or Potemkin Village.  This will expose the utter ideological and actual bankruptcy of every liberal social and fiscal policy.  This will also kill the Democratic Party.  It will just take a whole lot longer than the first means of suicide and sadly, this way will also kill the country.


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