Posted by: Rational Voice | August 16, 2011

“The White House doesn’t create jobs”

Despite his best efforts (while trying to deflect blame no less), the White House press secretary Jay Carney inadvertently told the truth the other day when he said “The White House doesn’t create jobs.” He then went on to advocate more government, stating that the White House, by working with Congress, can create the environment for job growth. This is just plain wrong. You may be wondering how one part can be the truth, while another is completely false. Let me explain.

Carney is right in the fact that the White House doesn’t create jobs and that government is what creates the proper climate for job growth. However, it does not create that climate by imposing more taxes and regulations on the private sector. It creates that climate by doing what it did for the majority of our history as a Republic: by staying the hell out of the economy. By staying hands off, not placing an ever growing amount of burdens on it, not bailing out failures, not giving special favors, government allows the entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. I’m not advocating the government getting completely out of the way, there are times when it has to step in, i.e. cases of fraud, corruption, etc., that violate the contract rights of businesses and consumers. There is very little else the government should be involved in with regards to the economy. It is by creating this unburdened environment that jobs and the economy grow.

Furthermore, it is no place for the government to have “jobs plans” or programs or bills or “insert whatever sounds good here” ideas. It is not their role. I contend that by doing these things, they take more money out of the private sector, money that we currently don’t have, and put it elsewhere in the private sector (with all sorts of it being siphoned off along the way), costs more jobs than it could ever hope to create. Businesses look to the future and they realize that some day the bills will come due from this tax and borrow approach. They know that they’ll face even more hardship in terms of rules, regulations, and increased taxes to help the government make up for the government’s reckless spending, spending these businesses, I’m willing to bet, don’t support. As a result, they are not hiring people or expanding their business because as they look at the cost-benefit of hiring, they realize they’ll incur more costs than benefits. When Washington finally stops trying to create jobs, it will do more for job creation as the people who actually make the private sector work will start seeing a benefit to hiring, not a burden. It is for this reason that I applaud the House for not passing a “jobs bill” despite Nacey Pelosi’s and other Democrats’ incessant bitching. All the jobs programs they passed while they were in control did nothing for job creation so what the hell makes them think that it will be different this time around?

Now I’d like to get back to Carney’s statement. It’s funny how he could say that the White House doesn’t create when Obama has been furthering the perception that only he could create jobs and that he, through his miraculous stimulus saved or created however many jobs? I cannot stand Carney or his predecessor Gibbs because they do more than spin stories, they outright lie about everything. Nothing they say matches up with what the president has said or the perceptions the White House has previously furthered. It’s all a sham but nobody is willing to call them on their bullshit. I’m thankful this reporter stuck it to Carney and I’m thankful for Jake Tapper at ABC who lately has been doing a great job at actually being a journalist, though I’m sure ABC will soon fire him or the White House will kick him out of the press pool if he doesn’t fall back into step.

Like I said, it’s not the government’s or the White House’s job to create jobs or get the economy going again. They need to leave it alone. But since they claim they can do this or that, or that they already have done this or that, they need to be made to own this mess we have. It is their constant intervention that is killing us, driving up our debt, and hampering our growth. The government can’t create jobs but it sure as hell can create the environment that kills them.

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