Posted by: Rational Voice | July 31, 2011

Deal Reached on the Debt Ceiling?

Well, unfortunately it looks as though a deal has been reached on the debt ceiling issue.  It’s too bad because I was really hoping that we’d hit that phony August 2nd deadline.  I wanted us to hit that deadline because I know nothing would have happened that day and when the American people would see that, they’d realize that everyone in Washington, especially the Democrats, have been absolutely full of shit.  I think that is part of the reason why a deal has been reached.  If nothing happened once we hit this drop-dead date, the Democrats’ credibility would have been completely undermined (though how it hasn’t been already is beyond me) and they would be 100% screwed in 2012.  It also sounds like this deal is a longer term “fix” (though since spending won’t be really be cut and entitlements won’t be reformed it’s hard to see this as a fix) which puts off dealing with this issue again until after 2012. This is unfortunate because this needs to be the main issue of the 2012 campaign and odds are it won’t be anymore.

On a more positive note, the president has finally had to practice what he’s been preaching for so long and compromise.  We all know there was no compromise on healthcare so this is a refreshing change of pace, though I still think we as a country are screwed until we get some true conservatives in office.  The Tea Party freshman are a start, but it’s not enough.



  1. I’m not sure it was much of a compromise. From what I’ve seen taxes go up one way or the other. Either the “Bush Tax Cuts” expire, meaning we don’t keep current rates, a de facto increase, or if they continue a commission decides how those “expendatures” are recovered. Either way we get hosed. We don’t need higher taxes, just more tax payers…

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