Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | July 24, 2011

Facts are Funny Things

Barrack Hussein Obama seems to enjoy threatening and terrifying Americans.  Whether telling seniors they won’t get paid Social Security, threatening to withhold military paychecks or to default on loan payments.  The thing is all of those threats completely depend on his actions.  For all his posturing and scary rhetoric, he neglects to mention all of those checks could go out and we’d still be able to pay our interest obligations, even without a debt “deal”.  The media seem to conveniently forget to mention that small little detail, while the echo Obama’s claim that the Republicans refuse to come to the table and compromise.  (I’ll ignore for now the other inconvenient truth that the GOP has offered a plan that Obama flatly said he wouldn’t sign)

See, the fact is the US brings in enough income each month to meet all our important obligations.  Let me explain.  The federal government receives approximately $200 billion each month.  Our debt service obligations will be approximately $29 billion in August.  Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid will cost an estimated $50 billion each.  Military pay and veterans’ benefits will cost approximately $6 billion total.  That leaves the government $39 billion to play with.  The President can prioritize which bills it pays, just like I do with my own bills.  Critical bills like the military and social security, not to mention our loans can all be covered, WITHOUT raising the debt limit.  I understand if you don’t believe me, I am after all just a 20-something, snot-nosed kid blogger, but even the Social Security Chief Actuary cannot figure out why Barrack claimed seniors may not get their payments. (An interesting threat since I thought Social Security was a sacred trust fund, but I digress…)

The really frustrating thing about this whole mess is the media’s complete refusal to discuss the fact Republicans have put up a plan, while the Democrats have not passed a budget in over two years!  Obama continues to claim the GOP is “the party of no” yet he is the one refusing to compromise on the plan the House passed.  Barrack claims he’ll go to the American people with this mess, I hope he does.  We “shellacked” his party in the mid-terms over his spending like a drunken sailor (sorry sailors, I know you spend your own money), but apparently he didn’t get the message the first time.  So please Barry, be the president who resides over our credit rating taking a downgrade (something you could stop by prioritizing payments better) and let’s see if you get the message this time.

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