Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | July 14, 2011

The Left’s Logical Limitations

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about some of the arguments put forward by the Democrats of this country and the obvious logical fallacies inherent in most of their positions.  The left in this country is all too willing to point out flaws in our country, often without any ideas of their own to solve the “crisis”; however, sometimes they come with a few ideas and then try to connect those back to their long held political positions.  This a quick list of these fallacies, in which I include a very brief explanation of the inconsistencies with their actions and their purported positions, logical inconsistencies or other distortions of facts.

The most recent of this conflicting logic took place when the president chose to release the strategic oil reserves.  Not only is there not an emergency (except perhaps his poll numbers), but we are constantly told increasing supply will not reduce prices.  If that is the case, if more oil being available will not lower prices at the pump, why bother releasing 30 million barrels (an amount that will only last 2 days)?  Apparently, supply does have some effect on prices.  If that is the case how about we reign the EPA in and start allowing drill in Alaska and the Gulf and increasing fracking?  That will go a heck of a lot further than the two day supply released from the STRATEGIC oil reserves.

President Obama spends considerable time telling us everyone must pay their fair share.  Liberals continually beat up on oil companies, decrying their excessive profits.  Apparently, they’ve made enough, at least in Barrack’s determination.  This ridiculous claim is leveled at oil companies despite the fact that ExxonMobil paid nearly a quarter of its revenue to the government.  In fact 40-60 cents of every dollar spent on fuel goes to the government (depending on the local tax), while only about 7 cents goes to the oil company.  As the left continues to bash oil companies for not paying their fair share, they in fact pay a considerable amount to support our leviathan government.  Meanwhile, GE pays no federal income taxes (special treatment for their green energy products) and demonstrates perfectly how to completely avoid paying taxes.  Beyond the fact we never hear lefties criticizing GE for not paying its share despite windfall-profits; Obama selects Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric’s CEO, to serve in his White House.  Seriously, if that’s not hypocrisy what is?

We’ve heard repeatedly there needs to be shared sacrifice and corporations need to pay more.  We need to raise taxes on the rich or increase taxes on private planes to pay for the debt.  We hear from lefties, the President included, that everyone must “eat their peas,” everyone must be willing to pay their fair share.  There are tons of examples of liberals telling us paying taxes is our patriotic duty or that they do not pay enough in taxes.  As a matter of fact President Obama said the other day he has several hundred thousand dollars of unnecessary income.  My point is that the left are always trying to increase taxes and get us to go along with it by saying we all need to do our part, we all need to help those in need; however, when April 15th rolls around they are more than willing to take advantage of every single tax deduction possible.  Maybe if liberals were as compassionate as they claimed, they would pay more in taxes themselves, instead of trying to force me to pay for their “charity.”

While we’re discussing taxes and the rich’s fair share let’s look at actual solution.  The left continually tells Americans the rich should pay more, the rich should be the ones to shoulder the burden of reducing the debt.  I’ll ignore for this article the fact that 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes and that the top 10% pay a hefty majority of taxes, since there’s enough on that topic for a whole blog post in itself.  What I do want to point out is that if we taxed 100% of the income of those considered “rich” it still wouldn’t cover the deficits.   Remember also, the president lumps those making $200,000 a year into the category of millionaires and billionaires.  For more on this also search the Wall Street Journal’s archive to get the original.

*************** UPDATE **************

Just stumbled across this bit of information.  After President Obama and the DOJ worked so hard to prevent Arizona from asking anyone the police come into contact with their immigration status, he then files to stay the death penalty sentence of a Mexican national because the police did not ask if he was an American.  Wait WHAT?!!??  That’s right, the Obama administration claims Arizona’s immigration law is un-Constitutional because it asks police to question immigration status and treat illegal immigrants as criminals.  Then they try to prevent the death penalty because the police didn’t tell him he could go to the consulate, all because they didn’t attempt to find out his status.  Prime example of liberal hypocrisy and illogical contradictions.


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