Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | May 6, 2011

Hypocrisy in Actions

Over the last few years we’ve had many ideals preached at us from the Bully Pulpit. The President has urged us to drive cars getting better than 8 MPG, that the rich need to pay higher taxes (or pay them at all), we all have to cut back and make sacrifices and we should send our kids to the public school district we live in. I have to say, I’m pretty sick and tired of being lectured by such an out-of-touch, uncaring President. This guy has no concept of what average Americans are struggling with and to top it all off he continuously lectures us to do things he isn’t willing to do. Perhaps he thinks leadership is effective with a “do as I say, not as I do” mindset, but I don’t think that’s what true leadership is about. Let’s talk about his myriad insensitivities.

First he tells Americans if they are still driving vehicles that get 8 MPG they need to trade it in. This is absolutely ridiculous. Average Americans cannot afford to trade in a new vehicle just because this administration is doing all it can to cause sky-rocketing energy prices. Besides the claim that better gas mileage will make up the cost of buying a new (more expensive) hybrid are completely unfounded. If President Obama truly thinks most Americans get 8 MPG, and that’s what’s causing the shortage, perhaps he’d be glad to know the Ford Escape with an MPG of 28 is the nation’s best-selling car (note it’s not made by Government Motors). But, if the President really wanted to set the example he could stop using two up armored limousines and an entourage of SUVs to travel everywhere he goes. I’m sure the extra weight has to cut drive gas consumption through the roof. The president could opt for a SmartCar or perhaps a Prius. I know, I know we have to think of his safety and that of his family’s safety. What if the convey is attacked or there’s a wreck? Well, I know the average American doesn’t need to fear an RPG attack driving down the highway to soccer practice, but safety, comfort and carrying capacity are still concerns. Why is it ok for the President to have vehicles for his safety and comfort, all while telling us we shouldn’t drive the cars we want to drive, even if those reasons are just preference or comfort? Be a leader step out and drive your very own Prius or Volt, just like you’re constantly telling me to do.

Next, we are told to cut back. To live within our means and make sacrifices. This at the same time the President is playing golf or taking vacations to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. All of this on a tax payer funded private 747. Again, fuel consumption but, I digress. Why is the President out playing golf all the time. President Bush was forced to give it up after the press continued to lambast him for being insensitive to deployed troops playing so much. President Obama seems to have significantly more time for vacations and golf than Bush, yet we hear nothing. Where’s the sacrifice? Where’s the leadership by example and the empathy for those that have been unemployed or underemployed for months and years now?

Finally, if vouchers and school choice are so bad, why didn’t the president opt to send his own children to the public school district they live in? Why is it acceptable for him to chose his school district while limiting the choice of parents throughout the country. I know it’s a better school and it’s better for their futures, but many people are forced to send their children to terrible schools when they would love to exercise the same option Michelle and Barack chose. How is that fair? How is that demonstrating empathy and leadership by example.

I’m tired of being lectured to do as I say, not as I do. I know he’s making legitimate choices, choices that are good for himself and his family. My complaint is that he does not seem to want us to be able to make those same choices.

From Rational Voice: Another thing the president overlooks is that people cannot afford to buy new cars, especially ones like the Chevy Volt ($41,000 though you do get a $7,500 tax credit). And the reason they cannot afford to buy these new cars is his economic which are stifling economic growth in this country. Also, people wouldn’t have to worry about buying new cars which get better mileage if it wasn’t for his energy policies, along with the economic polices, that are driving the cost of fuel up. Just the other day the president that drilling more for oil here wouldn’t solve our gas price problem but that’s just an ideologically based lie that is blind to the very fact that back in 2008 when gas prices peaked at record highs that President Bush moved to ease drilling regulations. Just that move there, not even actually increasing the supply but rather the presumption that production would increase in the future brought the prices crashing down. I remember in July and August of that year as I drove cross country paying as much as $4.13 a gallon. In January, just a few months after President Bush’s decision, I paid just $1.29 a gallon, a price I don’t believe I even saw while I was driving in high school (2002-2005). So to say that drilling more won’t bring down gas prices is an out and out lie.


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