Posted by: Rational Voice | April 26, 2011

Paying It Back?

President Obama in a speech last week again had something absurd to say in regards to benefits and soaking the rich to keep paying for the ever growing entitlement state:

Their basic view is that no matter how successful I am, no matter how much I’ve taken from this country… I wasn’t born wealthy.  I was raised by a single mom and my grandparents.  I went to college on scholarships.  There was a time when my mom was trying to get her Ph.D. where, for a short time, she had to take food stamps.  My grandparents relied on Medicare and Social Security.  Their notion is: Despite the fact that I’ve benefited from all these investments, somehow I now have no obligation to people who are less fortunate than me.

This is a ridiculous notion that implies that if someone is rich, they used some sort of government benefits to go to where they are today. Many of the rich, I’m willing to bet, have never taken a dime of government assistance. In fact, I’d argue that taking government assistance makes people more reliant on government handouts, thus keeping them in a perpetual state of dependency rather than growing wealthy. These rich he keeps lambasting are not dependent on anyone; instead, they’ve got out, worked, invested, and made the decisions that have helped them accrue that wealth.

Furthermore, if someone did rely on government assistance at some point in their lives but were able work out of such assistance, eventually becoming wealthy, I guarantee you that they have already paid back what they received and then some. I bet most of the rich that did receive, let’s say college grants, are currently paying many times more in taxes annually than they ever received. So Mr. President, they have paid back what they’ve received, much more than their actual “obligation.” And if you want to talk about helping others out, it’s these wealthy Americans that run businesses that give people jobs or provide investments which create jobs.  They do more to help improve peoples’ lives because they, unlike government, do not create a culture of dependence. They help people to aim higher and achieve more, allowing them to advance and improve their lives. Government dependency does not. Rather, the policies and ideas President Obama and liberals espouse make people think that the rich and the businesses are out there to screw them over and that no matter what they do, no matter how hard they work, they’ll never get ahead in life. As a result, they give up, relying on a meager governmentally subsidized existence rather than getting out and working to provide a better life for themselves. Liberals further policies that create this mindset because it creates a permanent voting block for them.

Rush also has a great rebuttal to his claim about his family being dependent on government aid. It very well may be true, but I highly doubt it and for the reasons Rush points out:

There is no record anywhere that Obama’s mother was ever on food stamps.  Remember, his grandmother was the vice president of a bank.  Stick with me on this.  His grandmother was the vice president of a bank.  His stepfather was an executive for an oil company.

Now, Obama never mentioned his mother being on food stamps in either of the books that he wrote, either of his navel-gazing autobiographies.  He never once mentioned his mother being on food stamps (which, if it’s true, is very hard to believe).  Also, for what it’s worth here, Obama was not living with his mother when she was trying to get her Ph.D.  He was living with his grandmother who was a vice president of one of Hawaii’s biggest banks.  So why was mom on food stamps while grandma was a VP at a big bank?  Because she was in college?  I don’t know if that’s even legal.

And while all this was happening, Obama was attending one of Hawaii’s most expensive prep schools. While mom was supposedly on food stamps.  So we don’t even know what about the sound bite’s true.  I don’t know how many of these questions he got were genuine or how many of them were scripted because he had various things he wanted to say.  But, folks, he wanted to rip into people. He wanted an excuse to rip into people who he wanted to characterize as being opponents of the kind of welfare state that he wants to create.  Don’t forget, he wants everybody to have to go through the same process that he claims his family went through.

I mean, let’s review this: “I went to college on scholarships. At the time my mom was trying to get her Ph.D. and for a short time, she had to take food stamps.  My grandparents relied on Medicare and Social Security.”  His family had the means to provide for themselves, and yet they went the food stamp route?  His family has got a brother living in a hut! Folks, if Obama is serious here about the need to “give back,” then why didn’t he pay the full 35% tax rate on his income last year instead of settling for the 27% that his accountants cooked up for him?

Will media ever do anything to investigate this or call him out on not paying the full tax rate? Don’t hold your breath.


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