Posted by: Rational Voice | April 13, 2011

A Change of Heart?

President Obama is going to outline his plan to tackle the deficit and our growing fiscal crisis in just an hour. It seems like he has had a change of heart. But has he? I doubt it with every fiber of my being. If he really meant this, he would have done it when his party controlled Congress.  After all, he did promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term because the growing deficit under President Bush was a “failure of leadership.” And didn’t he already produce his plan to take on the deficit just two months ago? Oh he did, and it nearly doubles the debt by 2021.

So why is he doing this now when Congress is divided? It’s simple: he knows it won’t pass. When it doesn’t pass, he can blame the GOP for opposing spending cuts and deficit reduction.  It’s not a genuine plan. It’s a political gimmick. He is not serious about any of this but nobody in the media will call him on it. It’s nothing more than a pathetic attempt to win back those he’s alienated in hopes of being reelected next year.

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