Posted by: Rational Voice | April 12, 2011

Cuts? What Cuts?

This is why I wanted to shut the government down. The only real cuts in the budget total $14.7 billion. This is nothing. This is a rounding error at best. I know we only control the House but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight for more, especially after they increased spending over $1 trillion since 2008. This is pathetic and shows just how spineless people like Rep. Boehner and Cantor really are. The only Republicans in Congress that have any spine are the freshmen congressmen and Rep. Paul Ryan. They’re the only ones showing any leadership, showing any real willing to stick their necks out there and fight to save us from this fiscal nightmare. This is only going to push us towards third party candidates next year which will leave us with another 4 years of liberal politics, but that’s if our Republic can hold out that much longer.


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