Posted by: Rational Voice | April 8, 2011

Shut It Down!

I say shut the government down, especially if Sen. Harry Reid is willing to not compromise so Unplanned Parenthood can continue to get your money to fund abortions and contraceptives for those who are not responsible enough to buy those for themselves or abstain from having sex. I say shut it down because conservatives will come out on top on this issue because I think people realize that the Democrats are to blame for this for the reasons I listed in my last post. I say shut it down because if the Republicans cave like they normally do, there is no way in hell we’ll be able to get Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget passed for next year, or even anything closely resembling it. I say shut it down because if we can’t even tackle trivial issues that amount to 1% of the budget or funding things that the government shouldn’t be funding in the first place (NPR, Unplanned Parenthood, etc.), then we have no hope of saving this country.

On a related note, Sen. Reid. you say that Republicans want to cut women’s healthcare but didn’t you guys pass a national healthcare bill last year? Shouldn’t that cover them? And to Rep. Louise Slaughter, Republicans did not come to Washington to “kill women.” If anything, they came to save women, you know the ones that would otherwise be aborted by continued funding of Unplanned Parenthood.


  1. Except conservatives came to save ALL women even those like Palin and Bachman, that is to say women with an opinion who don’t always toe the NOW party line…

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