Posted by: Rational Voice | April 6, 2011

2011 Budget and Losing the Argument

The current spending debate is a perfect example of how Republicans are losing the argument. We allow ourselves to be kept on the defensive with this budget issue while we have the facts on our side. Reps. Boehner, Cantor, Bachmann, Sens. Rubio, Paul, et al should be out swinging on this, not back on their heals but they have a knack for losing the narrative, despite our historical wins in November. We need to start acting like the winners we are. Some are to some extent but they are not making the point that must be made and that is this: We should not even be having this debate. The Democrats who controlled both houses of Congress last year should have had the FY11 budget completed, submitted, and signed into law by President Obama before October 1st of last year when FY11 started. They didn’t though and the reason is simple. They knew the November elections were going to be a bloodbath (oops, pardon my uncivil tone) and didn’t want to make it any worse by submitting a budget that still contained a deficit around $1.5 trillion for the third year in a row. Even after they got slaughtered (dammit, there I go again), they refused to pass a final budget, despite having two months between the November Massacre (I’m sorry, just can’t stop being uncivil) and the new Republican House majority taking over. They abdicated their role on the budget.

Now, when it finally came time to finish the budget instead of just passing continuing resolutions, they are up in arms about it. Republicans are only doing the job they refused to do, so why are they mad about it? It’s like you not going to work, a coworker picking up your slack, and then you getting mad at them for doing your job. And the cuts aren’t even significant, especially when you consider how much the government wastes every year. Liberals love to state how kids will starve and senior citizens will be dying in the streets as a result of these cuts, but let’s back up for a second here. Government spending has increased $2 trillion since 2001 and nearly $1 trillion since 2008. I don’t seem to remember anyone dying in the streets or starving back, so if we got by on $2 trillion dollars less a year just 10 years ago, or $1 trillion less just 3 years ago, why the hell can’t we cut $61 billion? I’m pretty sure 99.99% of Americans, if not more, will not be affected by this “cut.”

The Democrats own this mess and we need to make it know that it is them, not us. We’re just fixing it.

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