Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | March 19, 2011

Progressive Energy Solutions

As the melt down of Japan’s nuclear reactor continues, I am pleased to see the bipartisan agreement on nuclear power begin to unravel.  While nuclear power may be cleaner than coal, it is also IRREFUTABLY dangerous.  Global warming is killing us gradually, but Sen. Lieberman is correct when he says we need “to put the brakes on right now,” or we risk agonizing radiation-poison-induced deaths.  We need to move beyond this desire we have for dangerous nuclear power and filthy carbons.

As the country consuming over 25% of the globe’s yearly oil we need to look for more progressive forms energy production.  This country should be turning to new technologies, such as windmills.  I don’t care that wood produces a larger percentage of our country’s energy than wind, that 0.1% of our total energy supply is renewable and completely clean.  Clean and renewable should be our standard for measuring the effectiveness of a new source of electric power.  Nevermind if those sources of power create massive deficits or rolling blackouts, that’s the cost people must be willing to pay to save the planet.  If humans do not start taking the climate crisis more seriously Mother Nature will only continue to punish us more.  After all Japan was struck by the earthquake and tsunami after failing to get a world consensus at Kyoto, it really is a tragedy.

The United States should follow the Germans’ lead.  Taking down nuclear power plants and testing those still operational.  This combines with the rising price of gasoline, all thanks to our dear leader’s policies, will serve to increase energy costs.  This increase will force stubborn Americans toward industries subsidized by the government, which will obviously appear cheaper.  Basically, the tsunami and nuclear plant meltdown gives us another opportunity to artificially inflate prices, pick winners and advance our agenda.  We are so lucky to have the Deep Water Horizon disaster followed so closely by the Japanese earthquake.  All of these things will work to move us towards a more progressive country. After we tackle the energy crisis we can implement other important progressive changes, like building railroads.

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