Posted by: Rational Voice | February 27, 2011

The Tea Party and the Government Shutdown

I really have two separate points to make, yet they’re both related. This is why I decided to combine them into one post. I’ve read it for a while but really haven’t said much, but when I read an article from the New York Times today entitled Why Wouldn’t the Tea Party Shut It Down? by Frank Rich, I thought enough is enough, I’m going to confront this head on and confront both of these since Mr. Rich decided to combine them. Ever since the Tea Party came into existence in 2009, I’ve heard the Left constantly condemn them as being anti-government. This is completely not true. They want government but they want a government that operates within the confines the Constitution places on it. They want a government that uses their hard-earned money wisely. They want a government that lives within its means. And more than anything, they want a government that is not lawless. They want the rule of law which is why the Tea Party has risen up. They hate seeing unconstitutional bills pushed through Congress against the will of the people and by methods which are constitutionally questionable at best. They hate seeing a government that openly ignores the rulings of Federal judges, most notably in the cases of the Gulf of Mexico oil drilling moratorium and the healthcare bill being ruled unconstitutional. They are still not allowing drilling in the Gulf which has cost many people their jobs and the government is still going ahead with its implementation of the healthcare law. The Tea Party is all about the rule of law, not an anarchy movement. They just want common sense laws, not over-regulation. More than than, the Tea Party wants to return to our founding principles which we have so blatantly ignored now for far too long. They set up a system to ensure the current abuses we are now seeing would never happen. They set up a system where the people could flourish and prosper instead of a system that made people dependent on the government. Our current system is the antithesis of what our Founders created and the Tea Party wants to see that happen again so everyone in this country can flourish and prosper instead of being reliant on the government.

And this brings me to my next point. With the huge impart the Tea Party had in November, liberal pundits and politicians are looking for every way to undermine those they put into elected office. The Tea Party wants to cut Federal spending (just like many liberals claim they want to do as well and which they campaigned and won on in 2006 and 2008 and we’ve all seen how that has turned out) and they face an uphill battle on doing so. I’ve heard many people on the Left say the these new politicians want to force a government shutdown which is quite funny because I haven’t heard anyone on the Right say such a thing. They’re just trying to create the template that any government shutdown will the the GOP’s fault and nothing more. They’re going to refuse to compromise on any budget because in reality the Democrats are the ones who want to force the government shutdown so they can start telling all sorts of sob stories about how Granny didn’t get her social security check because of it and how little Jimmy wasn’t able to get the medical attention he needed because nobody was around to process his Medicaid claim. And the Democrats will force this government “shutdown” over a disagreement over Republican budget cuts that total only about 2-3%. Every single one of those claims will be utter bullshit because while some government functions will be affected, less than a quarter of Federal employees will have to stay home and they’re essentially unnecessary. The TSA will still be groping you at the airport, the Veterans Administration will still be taking care of our veterans, Social Security will still be sending out checks to Granny, Jimmy will still be able to see the doctor, the Border Patrol will patrol our borders, the military will still do its job, and I’m pretty sure NPR will still be spewing its government-subsidized liberal propaganda on our airwaves. Oh and those workers that won’t get to work will still be paid after a budget compromise is reached.

So tell me, what government shutdown are they talking about?


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