Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | February 16, 2011

True Colors

In President Obama’s news conference yesterday he made a very enlightening statement.  I think he gave us a peek into what he truly believes:

Well, I continue to believe I’m right (snickers) so we’re gonna try again.  I think what’s different is, everybody says now that they’re really serious about the deficit.  Well, if you’re really serious about the deficit — not just spending, but you’re serious about the deficit overall — then part of what you have to look at is unjustifiable spending through the tax code.  Tax breaks that do not make us more competitive, do not create jobs here in the United States of America.

Pay special attention to the bold section.  He says unjustifiable spending through the tax code.  Think about that for a second…he’s implying that a reduction of taxes is an increase in spending.  He is implying that by the government NOT taking as much of YOUR money, it is spending money (giving it back to you) unnecessarily.  That’s right, if the government does not take as large a portion as they planned, the government is actually spending money.  This slip demonstrates a key tenet of modern liberalism: You do not own the fruits of your labor, your income, the government does.  If Congress (typically an evil GOP Congress) choses to give you a portion of your money back then the government is generously spending money, by giving it back to you. 

Do not forget this is the same President who has been tauting his compromise with the Republicans as a tax cut for the country, nevermind the fact it did not change the rates, it just froze them at the previous level.  Rates were set to go up this year and at the last second Congress compromised to “cut taxes.”  That’s part of the reason your return will take longer to return.  But I digress, all the sudden those same “tax cuts” he bragged about are apparently now bad.   

Now take a look at the second part.  He claims tax cuts do not create jobs in America, yet he bragged in the State of the Union he wanted to reduce the corporate tax level.  An effort to bring business along and create more jobs.  I suppose he can accurately claim the stimulus has created jobs…200,000 government bureaucrat jobs.  The type of job that only sucks resources from the system.  Those jobs do not put money back in our economy, instead it sucks it out and puts more burden on our economy.  Government jobs and spending do not benefit the economy.  We have a massive debit and no way to pay our interest.  The only thing the government does is suck resources away.  

The government looks at our labor, our resources and our property as theirs.  The fact they thinking giving some of it back is irresponsible spending is an abomination and against America’s founding principles.  This slip demonstrates liberals’ thought process and is just more evidence we cannot endure more of this flawed mindset.  The government can only survive so long on the backs of its citizens, as long as the government thinks it owns our resources, our liberty is at risk.


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