Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | February 8, 2011

Not Again!

As I lay in bed last night, desperately trying to fall asleep, I turned the TV on and caught the re-airing of Hannity. I’m not a huge fan of his show, but it caught my eye because he had a panel of Iowa Republican caucus voters on.  First the panel began by discussing qualities they hoped the GOP candidate would have.  They wanted an outsider, someone uncompromising on principles, strong foreign policy and knowledgable on the economy and debit.  They wanted someone friendly to business and a person who would steadfastly defend liberty.  All well and good, exactly the same things I like to see in a candidate as well.  As I was getting closer to sleep and about to flip off the TV Hannity hooked me.  He dangled the next question before me.  Before going to commercial he taunted his audience with a chance to hear their favorites, their picks for candidate.

After the break and necessary dramatic build up the panel began to speak.  Their choices were:  Huckabee and Romney (some Newt supporters were sprinkled in).  That’s right, after this panel trumpeted the same values and qualities I look for in a candidate they threw out this bombshell.  I was stunned, I couldn’t believe it.  To be fair the host said up front the inital straw poll showed it was a Huckabee/Romney crowd.  Also, Huckabee works at Fox, so that may or may not have played a part.  Iowa is also fairly liberal, it did after all, go blue in 2008.  So, I hope these two are not the front runners for our party this coming election cycle.

Let my just give a brief explanation of why I hope none of these men become the front runner for 2012’s campaign.

Mit Romney: Massachusetts healthcare system.  Need I say more?  His plan is bankrupting the state and driving costs higher.  This model laid a template for the far worse Obamacare.  Sure, he may regret that choice now, but the point is he was willing to sacrifice liberty once.  What will be his reasoning this next time?  That was a game-changer and fundamental question, he got it wrong, do not let him hoist the conservative banner and fool us again, this time in a far more important position.

Mike Huckabee: he’s not truly that conservative.  He has fairly progressive tendencies.  Not only has been soft on immigration (he supported giving scholarships and in-state tuition to illegals in Arkansas) but he’s failed to speak against Mrs. Obama’s food agenda.  It’s for the kids, that why the federal government has the right to start dictating diets and assert more control over local politics.  Huckabee may be pro-life, which is great, but he also supports the green agenda.  He’s often too willing to hand over our rights and freedoms for the greater good.  He must stand firm on liberty and rule of law.  Huckabee doesn’t always do that.  Beyond that, I’ve never really heard him speak on foreign policy.  People criticize Palin’s grasp on foreign policy and I think Huckabee would have similar problems.

Newt is old, an insider and has far too many enemies.  He’s ultra polarizing.  Beyond not having the youth to mount serious competition to the anointed One, he’s got as many enemies as Palin and definitely creates battle lines.  It will be hard to overcome those problems.  Also, he was clearly pandering to Iowa in speaking for green “ethanol” energy a few weeks ago.  Clearly, he’s missed the message the government needs to get out of the economy, stop picking winners and loser and let entrepeneurs do their thing.

All of these men are Republicans, they have done some excellent things for America, and if it comes down to it I’ll support them whole heartedly, but please lets find someone better.  Let’s get a candidate we can proudly stand with and who can mount a serious assault to get the White House back. (sorry if that’s violent rhetoric it’s only a metaphor) Christie or Ryan in 2012!

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