Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | December 21, 2010

A Spade is a Spade

I’d like to take a quick minute to discuss the No Labels movement.  I’m not sure how many of you have seen this group or heard anything about them, but it’s pure rubbish.  It’s a cop out and completely misses the point of politics.  Politics are inherently about disagreement, yet reaching a solution any way.  No Labels tries to paint the picture we can all get along and we all have the same values.  This isn’t true, obviously, there are the divisive issues like abortion and gay marriage.  These issues have a morality attached to them and likely cannot be settled by compromise.  I know for me, killing a baby in the first trimester is as bad as killing it at birth, so I’ll never compromise on thinking abortion is ok (even in extreme cases of incest).  But, beyond that liberal and conservative disagree fundamentally on everything from the Constitution to economics.  Liberals are perfectly with taking your freedom of speech, religion and owning weapons, most conservatives aren’t.  Liberals think the Constitution is a living document and want activist judges to legislate from the bench, conservatives want fundamentalist, orginalist justices and believe the rights given in our founding documents are sacred and shouldn’t be taken, even if benefits the government.  Liberals think the government can create wealth and jobs.  They think the more government pays out in unemployment benefits the more jobs the economy will create.  Conservatives use their brain to understand this stupid belief is just that, stupid.  While we’d all like to get along and can all agree we want a government that operates effectively, right and left disagree on just about every issue that matters and in fact on the very foundations that lead us to those beliefs.

I think this movement is simply an effort to reframe our political context again.  I think it’s a reframing argument because it once again tries to paint fundamentalist conservatives as far right-wing wackos.  How can those who believe in limited government and self-reliance be far right wing?  As I’ve previously discussed the classical sense of the right is anarchy.  Our founders were firmly against anarchy, as are today’s republicans.  Our founders were equally against a nanny-state or socialist reliance on government for sustenance, which many on the left now support.  As the Democrat party moves further left, closer to socialism we on the “right” remain squarely in the center with our founders.  The founders were radical in that they didn’t want a king and didn’t want anarchy.  They wanted a limited government that stayed out of peoples way and let the individual take care of themselves, and possibly even got rich in the process.  This argument about extreme left and right is ludicrous.  We on the right continue to stand firmly in the center.  We want smaller limited government while the extreme left pulls more and more towards socialist style control.  Stop naively claiming there is not and should not be conflict in politics and stop trying to paint classical liberal (us crazy ultra-right-wingers) as a fringe kook, that is extremist.  We are not, we simply want our government to leave us alone and stop dictating what we should eat or drive, where we buy our healthcare and how we light our houses.  No labels is a hoax and it is nothing more than attempt to shift the political perspective so conservatives look radical, while progressives seem the norm.

Here’s an excellent article that lays the foundation of what this group is.


  1. It’s also another way for them to try to control the language. First their were liberals. When that took on a bad connotation, they became progressives. Now when it became clear that the people finally understood what that meant, they’re now the “No-Labels” (and isn’t that in itself a label?). When they fail, they change the language. When redistribution of wealth took on an even worse meaning than it already has, they attack tax cuts for the rich. One of the fundamental issues with this group is that without labels, you don’t have language. Language is all about labels.

  2. They do this all the time with smaller arguments too. From Illegal Alien to undocumented worker. Pro-choice and anti-choice, not pro-life. Climate change from global warming. On a grander scale the branding healthcare as a right, not as a good, did the same thing. It all comes down to language and as the left says, words mean something.

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