Posted by: Rational Voice | November 22, 2010

More on Gov Chris Christie

The more and more I read about this man, the more I love him. I read this piece and just cannot wait for this guy to run for president. This guy is effective, just read how he was able to get his way to fix the budget  in New Jersey, even with a Democratic majority in their legislature and as they threatened a government shutdown:

“I said to them, ‘Listen, here’s the deal,’ ” Christie recalls. “ ‘If you close it down, I’m going to get in those black Suburbans out front, I’m going to ride back to the governor’s residence, I’m going to go upstairs, I’m going to order a pizza, I’m going to open a beer, and I’m going to turn on the Mets. And whenever you decide to reopen the government, give me a call and let me know.’ ” The Democrats caved—ultimately allowing the Republicans to sponsor their own budget bill and move it through the Legislature. “Governor Christie got the Democrats to basically abdicate their role as the majority party in the Legislature,” says Jay Webber, an assemblyman and the GOP state chairman. “Despite our being in the minority, we effectively controlled the budget debate. It was remarkable.”

This guy got the Democrats to cave! In New Jersey! If he can fix New Jersey, he can fix Washington. Again I say “Chris Christie 2012!!”

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