Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | November 20, 2010

The Religion of Peace

Over the last few years there has been an increasingly shrill choir clamoring for “Hate Speech” laws.  There laws are already popular in Canada and Europe.  There have been continuous attempts to pass legislation including hate speech regulation from Congress to the local level.  On the surface these laws are meant to prevent intolerance, but they are really just a means for the government to limit our freedom of speech and enforce a certain way of thinking.  While the United States lags behind Europe in hate speech laws, this story from Austria should send shivers down the spine of freedom loving Americans.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff faces three years in prison for daring to speak out against the “Religion of Peace.”  Elisabeth spent her a stint of her childhood in Iran during the Islamic Revolution.  She worked for the Austrian embassy in Kuwait and Iraq and has extensively studied Islamic texts.  Taking the knowledge she gained she utilized her natural right to free speech and taught seminars about the dangers of Shariah and what the Koran really says.  For her efforts she was branded a hate monger and her “hate school” criticized in the media.  She now faces jail time for educating others about her beliefs and experiences.  That’s the part that scares me about this article.  The fear the government can quash a person for speaking their mind and attempting to educate others about their beliefs.  Even if those beliefs are wrong we should still have a right to debate, to discuss and to attempt to persuade.  These hate laws are scary and should be stopped from coming to our shores.

After reading that article I then happened to go to Pat Buchanan’s article “The Murderers of Christianity.”  In his article he discusses a mass murder that took place on 1 November in Baghdad.  Essentially, al-Qaida thugs came in and massacred 46 parishioners, executed 2 priests and wounded 78 more.  The Religion of Peace walked into a church and brutally killed men, women and children worshipping their chosen God.  These thugs committed these acts for no other reason than they were killing Christians and by extension members of the “Crusaders” from the west.  These are horrific acts perpetuated against Christ followers, in the name of Allah.  

This is tragic, but what is more tragic is the silence from the White House and the Left in general.  The United States is supposedly the defender of the free world.  It is a refuge for the weary, the persecuted and the sick.  We have stood for freedom and justice for 200 years.  Our soldiers have acted to protect Muslims from Christians in Kosovo; Muslims from Muslims in Somalia and Kuwait; and Jews from Muslims in Israel.  We have stood for any people group being oppressed, regardless of the beliefs of those being persecuted.  But where is that sense of justice now?  How can the White House continue to talk about Islam as a religion of peace, yet not condemn these acts?  How can a mosque at Ground Zero not be offensive as Christians throughout the Middle East are in peril?  We can debate all day about whether America is a Christian nation (Muslims typically associate it as such), but regardless we are a nation that defends liberty and justice. 

I think there are two conclusions to draw from these two articles.  First, we need to be able to speak out against injustice, even if that injustice is cloaked in religion.  We have a right to speak our minds and express our opinions.  The government should not be able to curb our speech to fit its script.  Second, we actually need to speak out and tell the truth.  Let’s stop disguising the situation.  Muslims, throughout the Middle East, are taking violent actions against Christians (American or otherwise) in the name of Islam.  To them this is a war of religions.  We can call them radicals, but the bottom line is Shariah and Islamic tenants in the Middle East are violent.  Those principles of oppression, fear and violence have no place in a modern civilized society.  We in the West need to wake up and start speaking out.  We have to stop hiding our heads in the sand, call Islam what it is and prevent its tenants from spreading throughout the West as a whole. 

On a side note, this is an interesting article that may shed some light on the White House’s silence on condemning these violent Muslims.


  1. I just love how so many liberals are so quick to defend Islam despite the fact it goes against so much of what they are for. They’re for secular countries whereas Muslims embrace Sharia Law. They are all for womens’ rights while in many Muslim nations women are opposed. They’re all for gay rights while many homosexuals are executed in some countries because it is against Sharia Law once again.

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