Posted by: Rational Voice | November 18, 2010

Liberal Hypocrisy

I came across this article this morning from a liberal site calling on President Obama to use his executive authority to further his agenda. Funny, I thought, that they should be calling for him to do this. Weren’t they the ones who bitched like none other that President Bush was exceeding his authority as president by being a powerful executive and doing the exact same things, if not even more far-reaching, that they are now calling on President Obama to do? Also, weren’t these the same people who were up-in-arms over Republican spending during the first part of the Bush Administration who now don’t seem to have any problem with running up a deficit over the past two years that is greater than all the deficits from our founding under President Washington through President Reagan’s administration? And aren’t these the same people who rallied against the Patriot Act and all the invasions of privacy it would bring but yet are now telling us to deal with the TSA’s groping of 3-year-old girls, grandmothers, nuns, pilots (who could very well intentionally crash the plane even after passing through the checkpoint) and everyone else in this country with the very possible exception of those who actually pose a terroristic threat? There are even people out there calling for waivers to allow Muslim women to not be patted down or subjected to the body scans because it violates Islamic law. I bet this the TSA will grant this waiver under the guise of “tolerance” or some other liberal bullshit term. I disagree though. That is exactly where a terrorist could hide explosives or whatever and get them on a plane. Hell, if I was subjected to the groping while I was in Florida a few weeks ago for wearing loose fitting pants, why the hell won’t they be subjected to even more thorough examinations?

I’m sick of this liberal hypocrisy. They oppose stuff and support policies solely based on who is in power. I, along with just about every other conservative I know, are firmly based in objective reasoning and would have opposed all of President Obama’s policies even if it had been President Bush pushing them. Hell, if President Obama wanted to privatize Social Security or allow me to opt out of it, I’d be right behind him giving him all the support I could for that. I just ask that all people, regardless of political leanings, to start being objective and consistent. It’s one thing to change your minds based off of learning new things or having a shift in your views, it another when you’re like all these liberals who completely flip-flop on every issue based on who is pushing them.


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