Posted by: Rational Voice | November 13, 2010

Rational Reading for November 13th

I came across another piece on the piece of crap Chevy Volt that I’d like to share, along with a few other pieces. Enjoy!

George Will – What’s driving Obama’s subsidies of Chevy’s Volt?

And a great piece on the new healthcare law. Way to hurt the people who have given us the best healthcare in the world. I thought this law was supposed to make things even better? Whoops!

Mona Charen – Obamacare Hits the Most Vulnerable

Rich Galen – Feel Good About America

Janice Shaw Crouse – Why Obama Will Not Move to the Center

Ken Blackwell – Barack Obama: The Most Anti-Israel President

Damon W. Root – Stop Smearing Federalism

Joshua Greenman – Democrats must fight federal workers on rising pay; it’s no time for public sector salaries to soar

Doug Giles – The Petit Murders: Why You and Yours Need a Gun


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