Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | November 11, 2010

No Compromise

I am about to say four words I never imagined I would say, “Barney Frank is right.”  Yup, that’s right, I said it.  The words still have a sour taste in my mouth, but I really do mean it.  So, let me explain the one thing I’ve finally found that I agree with Bawney Fwank on.  On September 10th, 2009 Bawney Fwank told Rachel Maddow,“‎Let’s be very clear this insistence on bipartisanship really goes against the notion of democracy. We had an election…The notion that those of us that won the election with a solid majority should compromise 50-50 with those who lost…then why have an election?”  I couldn’t agree more.  We had an election this year.  This time rather than the Democrats maintaining their decent majority in the House, they were utterly and totally defeated.  The GOP (with the help of the Tea Party) wiped the floor with Democrats. 

Now that the GOP has won back over 60 seats they need to remember these words by Bawney Fwank.  The Democrats did not even dream about being bipartisan when they had control of the government, in fact they worked to pass the most liberal legislation they could possibly put together.  Their crowning achievement, Demcare, was passed without a single Republican vote.  They do not give a damn about working together, about moving beyond gridlock (unless the gridlock is slowing thier left-wing nut case agenda) or moving to the center to be bipartisan.  Fwank admitts it here, it’s not the job of the victor to compromise with the loser.  If that happens, what’s the point of an election?  Why not just split the Congress down the middle and let them duke it out?  The point of an election is for America to speak, voice its opinion, send representatives with a mandate and then let those elected work like crazy to live up to the expectations.

There was an election and there is a clear winner.  America elected Republicans and for the most part those Republicans ran as CONSERVATIVES.  Americans want conservatives is Washington and they want conservatives to push the agenda they ran on.  We the people did not send new members to Congress so they could meet in the middle with Democrats, we sent them there to stop Pelosi, Reid and Obama.  Republicans, listen to Rep. Fwank, heed his advice and do the exact same thing his party did.  Bipartisanship is not what elections are for.  Go to Washington and be conservatives, if the Democrats want to get anything done (least they risk the party of “no” label) they should have to join you–ON THE RIGHT!


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