Posted by: Rational Voice | November 6, 2010

Worst Person in the World

Well, he finally got what he had coming to him. Keith Olbermann was suspended by MSNBC for donating to a couple Democratic campaigns, a violation of their ethics rules (I know right, they have ethics rules there?). I think it’s all a show though, that MSNBC did this just to appear objective, even though they threw any chance of that out the window when they started up. In reality, I have a feeling he’ll be back soon, just as cocky, arrogant, and full of lies and fallacies as ever. I also have a feeling that behind the scenes MSNBC still chewing his ass for not donating more to more Democrats and helping to, in some ways, falilitate voter fraud in some of the closer races this election cycle. Either way, good riddance, for now at least!

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