Posted by: Rational Voice | November 3, 2010

No Happy Meals in San Francisco

Big government strikes again as the city of San Francisco, land of enlightenment has banned the Happy Meal at McDonalds! And if you are one of those people that think that conservatives are making too much of a big deal about the Nanny State that we’re getting, this is just one of the things they’ll start doing unless we repeal this healthcare law. They’ve having the same fight in New York over trans-fats. They’re getting into every aspect of our lives and it needs to stop now. Hell, they’ve even telling us what kind of light bulbs we can use! The Founders would be embarrassed with the size of government in this country. Even the feuding factions of the early republic would join forces against the bullshit that’s been happening in this country. We made good headway last night by taking back the House. That is only the start though. The battles haven’t even started yet.


  1. Well, California brought this on themselves and voted for more of it. They picked Democrats for Gov and Senate. I know it’s bad, because it will start leaking into other states, but at least the Californians are getting what they asked for…

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