Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | November 2, 2010

The Outrage in America

You know the closer the election gets the more I’ve been reading about how this is an anti-incumbent year. All the pundits all the keep talking about how this will be a tough year for all incumbents. They mistake the topsy-turvy primaries, in which many Republican challengers beat establishment rivals, as an indicator the electorate is mad at incumbents in general, not just liberals. This view is flat wrong. While yes, many incumbents have been losing in the primaries and will likely take a beating tomorrow, the reason for their losing is not only the fact they’re currently in Congress, but also the fact they are voting against the will of the people.

There is outrage in this country right now, but that outrage stems from the trillion dollar deficits, universal healthcare, efforts to pass cap and tax and scores of other irresponsible and unwanted bills. The outrage brewing throughout America is not directed at members of Congress because they are members, even those that have been there for years, it’s directed at members who are moving this country further in the wrong direction—towards European style welfare state or socialism—and against those who are reneging on the values that got them into office. Many of the new crop of Democrats rode Obama’s coat tails into office, despite the districts they represent being mostly conservative. These members are in danger because the district is fairly Republican and only fell victim to Obama’s high flying rhetoric. It didn’t take long for the fancy talk to wear off and the reality of liberalism to set in. The country does not want more liberalism. As the president keeps saying, we want to move forward. That’s exactly what we want to do and that’s why we are going to throw out all the liberals (and Republicans who vote with them). We are getting rid of those that got us in this mess and placing people in office who can get us out of it. Reagan’s return to conservative values may have appeared to be a step backwards, but the results were leaps forward. That’s what this is about. So tomorrow when America speaks and gives a collective anti-socialist yell, don’t be fooled by pundits and politicians.

Tomorrow is about putting America on the right path (pun only slightly intended). America is sick and tired of over spending and government regulation. We’re sick of uncertainty and job killing taxes. We do not want to pass on massive debts to our grandchildren and we certainly do not want the government telling those same children what medical procedures are worth giving them. Tomorrow is not about throwing out incumbents, though that is definitely going to happen—I pray Harry Reid is among them—it is about electing people who will listen to the people and return us to America’s founding principles. The Tea Party and American anger in general is directed at liberalism, and by extension big government, the crushing of incumbents in the GOP wake is a byproduct of their ignoring the people and their voice. It is directed at those who push more control over our lives and those of future generations. America is a government by the people and the people are tired of being ignored. We want to restore America as the world’s last best hope. Do I relish the defeat of some of the stalwarts in Congress? Yes. Am I excited for the country to express its thoughts? Yes. But, tomorrow is more about restoring our values and shrinking government than grinding axes. Through all the talk tomorrow night, remember this election is about protecting our rights and preserving our values. Tomorrow is about ensuring we remain the City on a Hill and protect our country for posterity.


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