Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | November 2, 2010

Go Vote!

Today is the day. It’s time to make your voice heard. If you think these races don’t matter, they do. Everything from state to federal elections have impacts. The recent census means states will be redistricting. Governors and state legislatures will oversee that process. They can draw lines to favor whatever party has power. So if you really want to stop Washington you have to start at the local level. It means you need to vote for the most conservative candidate in every election today. All the elections matter today!

Think about these things before you vote or chose to stay home. If you want the government to manufacture cars vote Democrat. If you want massive Chinese held debt stay home. If you want federally funded abortion and government run healthcare vote Democrat. If you want to give your 401K to the government stay home. If you want illegals to vote pull the lever for Democrat. If you want to give up your guns and freedom of speech stay home. You have to get out an vote today to protect your rights and the rights if future generations.

As I said vote for the most conservative. Don’t fall for “fiscal conservatives.” Remember Blanche Lincoln and Stupak? Did they remain any type of conservative? No they sided with their party. Your representatives at all levels will do the same. So go vote.

Here’s a short list of candidates to go vote for: Buck in Colorado. Blunt in Missouri. O’Donnell in Delaware. Angle in Nevada. McMahon in Connecticut. Rossi in Washington. Perry for governor in Texas. Bielat in Massachusetts. Miller in Alaska. Rooney in Pennsylvania. Rubio in Florida. These are some of the major battles and crucial wins for the GOP.


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