Posted by: Rational Voice | October 22, 2010

Liberal Tolerance Strikes Again!

In case you missed it, Juan Williams, a commentator for NPR and FoxNews was recently fired for exercising his right to freedom of speech. Fox then signed Juan on full time. Seems that the supposedly intolerant, racist conservatives really are the ones who accept opposing view points and are much more “Fair and Balanced” than liberal organizations! Surprise? Hardly. This issue has also led to calls that NPR be stripped of it’s public funding for its actions. Frankly, I agree. With so many other news organizations around, there is no need for NPR. In fact, I think it would do the people some good. Have you ever tried to listen to that stuff? I’m pretty sure they could talk about a topic that you’re absolutely interested in but it all comes across so monotoned and boring that you would rather put a bullet in your own head than continue to listen to it.

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