Posted by: Rational Voice | October 19, 2010

Greatest President of the Last 100 Years?

When asked this question, most conservatives quickly answer Ronald Reagan. While he is among the greatest presidents this nation has ever had, some conservatives look beyond him, and I believe they have a valid reason to do so. Reagan did a lot for modern conservatism but if you look back you’ll find a president who probably slashed more government than any other president in history, doing a great deal for the American people and economy at the same time. This man is Calvin Coolidge. Even a quick look at some of what he did shows that he was far to the political right of even Reagan. The 1920s were a different time though, making it easier for Coolidge to do what he did, a time when people didn’t expect handouts or for the government to take care of their problems. Even so, he was a great and truly conservative president.



  1. Thanks for an excellent comment on Calvin Coolidge! While I wouldn’t characterize him as being to the right of Reagan, I would agree that he was a truly great conservative, and more than that, one of the last presidents to accept the limits placed by the Constitution on the power of government.

    Check out my “mostly Coolidge” blog sometime at I’d be honored to have you visit!

    • Thank you for that. As a history major in college, I love reading stuff like that. I will definitely take a look!

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