Posted by: Rational Voice | October 18, 2010

Immigration, Assimilation, and Linguistics

Our friend, who wrote the piece “What Comeback” that my partner posted a few days ago, has written another piece: Immigration, Assimilation, and Linguistics.” It’s a great piece discussing an aspect of the immigration issue that few every look at. One of my favorite argument in it is that in the past, immigrants came to America to become Americans, shedding much if not all of their previous identity. Sure with their own ethnic groups or families, they may have kept their culture and language alive, but outside of that they learned English and adopted the American culture. Now the immigrants we see refuse to become Americans. They just want free handouts without having to do anything for them and it’s slowly destroying our nation and culture. This culture is what created the opportunity for people to come, grow, and prosper. Once they destroy that, who are they going to turn to? I don’t think they realize that our culture has enabled them to lead such a good life. Once it’s gone, I don’t think they’ll realize that they’re the ones who caused it to fall, causing a decline in their own standard of living. They demand everything and give nothing. It needs to stop.


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