Posted by: Rational Voice | October 13, 2010

The Loser Dictates the Terms?

In an upcoming piece in the New York Times Magazine, President Obama says that the Republicans who are poised to sweep the House and possibly even the Senate next month, will have to learn to work with him. Wait. How does that work? If the Republicans are about to be crowned the winners, why should they have to be the ones to work with him? How about he learns to work with them, since the American people have completely rejected his entire agenda? The loser does not dictate the terms. I’m sick of the Republicans having to be the ones to “walk across the aisle.” It’s time to make them work with us, working for the American people, not against them.



  1. He refuses to see a Republican victory as a teachable moment!

  2. But Wait…I thought that elections had consequences? What happened to that?

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