Posted by: Rational Voice | October 6, 2010

Stossel on Healthcare

John Stossel has a great anaylsis of the healthcare law in his piece “Congress Can’t Repeal Economics”, and has a great line in it that I think everyone who supports this crap needs to understand: Insurance companies are not charities. The requirements for them to cover pre-existing conditions or to give you insurance after something happens to you will bankrupt them. It’s not insurance when they have to do that; it’s welfare. It’s tantamount to walking into a store, buying something for $20 and expecting them to give you $100 in change. All you’re doing is paying in a little bit and expecting them to cover your medical expenses, which undoubtedly is going to to be much more than you ever paid in. That’s not the way insurance works. You don’t get homeowner’s insurance after your house burns down or auto insurance after you crash your car, so why the hell should you be able to get health insurance after you get sick?

Speaking of healthcare, I read some stuff from the One Nation rally, the flop of an event meant to counter Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally and it just showed me how stupid some people are. One person had a sign calling for a single-payer government system to “Take the Profit Out of Healthcare.” Tell me, how the hell are we ever going to incentivize people to join that career field without allowing them to make money? How are you going to invest in new drugs or medical imaging technologies if there is not money to do so? These people just think this stuff happens without realizing the time, money, education, testing and regulations that go hand-in-hand with all these modern miracles. I’d love to see how they’d feel if they should work for nothing, if everything they worked on was just given away without regards to the effort it took to make their products.

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