Posted by: Rational Voice | September 29, 2010

So Much for Transparency and Draining the Swamp

The first part of this piece shows the other hypocrisy of Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the Left. When they took power in 2007 they pledged to have the most transparent and ethical Congress in history but I guess that fell by the wayside like all their other promises. They have done nothing to fight corruption or be transparent (remember all those open meetings and debate they had on healthcare? Yea, I don’t remember them either). Like Rich Galen points out, when Republicans were in charge and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was brought before them, they pushed it through quickly and openly so they couldn’t be accused of trying to cover anything up. With Democrats and Rep. Pelosi in charge, they are sweeping whatever they can under the rug and putting things off until after the election. Why I wonder? Is it because it would potentially give even more seats to the Republicans if all of a sudden criminals (though they already are) are on the ticket? So much for that transparency Nancy. I can’t wait until November 2nd when we can actually drain that swamp.

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