Posted by: Rational Voice | September 28, 2010

Liberal Light Bulbs

As I promised, I have another example of how Liberal “good intentions” really are bad for everyone. Compact Flouresent Lights (CFLs) are soon to be the only light bulbs sold here in the United States. They may seem like a good idea but in reality with the health hazards they pose if broken and jobs lost here and shipped overseas, they’re just bad for our country. And whatever happened to choice here? If you want to use them, fine. I don’t care but don’t force it on everyone. Just think about all the light fixtures those will look horrible in. I just have a light bar in my bathroom and it will look terrible to have those eye-soars of a light bulb on that bar. Lastly, as someone who reveres the Constitution, under what article, section, or clause does Congress have any authority to control the sale of freakin’ light bulbs?

I know this is a minor issue compared to many Liberal ideas–and I’m still in the process of putting together a larger piece–but it just goes to show you how much they’re messing everything up and how their policies do have unintended consequences that could very well harm people more than they help them.


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