Posted by: Rational Voice | September 26, 2010

Rational Reading for September 26th

One of my favorite conservative radio hosts behind Rush is Mark Steyn, who fills in for Rush many times when he’s out. Here is a great piece from him:

Mark Steyn

And here is a piece from the Economist that I think is a good analysis of whether President Obama is anti-business or not. I don’t necessarily agree with their conclusion, but it’s a good piece nonetheless:

The wages of negligence

And here is a good piece on the tax hikes that are coming and a great line from it: “It’s amazing: The Democrats have no problem passing unpopular legislation. But when they are charged with doing something that the public actually wants, such as preventing the coming tax hike, they turn to jelly.”

Matthew Continetti – The Tax Hikes Cometh

And here is the rest of your Rational Reading for today!

Doug Giles – When Blacks Attack Barack

Steve Chapman – Our Non-War Over Islam

Austin Hill – The Very Dangerous Folly of Obamanomics


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