Posted by: Rational Voice | September 23, 2010

Small Business Bill

I haven’t read up much on this small business bill that passed through Congress today that is supposed to stimulate hiring. Wait…wasn’t the originally stimulus supposed to do that? It’s evidently been a huge failure but no Liberal will admit to that. The bill costs about $30 billion dollars that we don’t have but yet we keep hearing about how President Bush’s spending (which is actually nothing close to the current administration’s by the way) got us into this mess. So to get out of this mess we need to do spend many times more than President Bush did? Yea…that makes a helluva lot of sense. I guess I should thank all the Liberals out there because they’re doing nothing more than pushing more and more people to our side of the aisle.

Anyways, back to the bill. The bill is supposed to provide small businesses tax credits to promote hiring. Again, like I’ve said before, tax credits aren’t going to do anything. They’re much smaller than the cost of actually hiring someone, so why would you, for argument’s sake, hire someone at $50,000 a year to get a $10,000 tax credit? It doesn’t make sense because as a business owner you’re still $40,000 in the red. And why would you hire someone right now when nobody is out spending money? The complete lack of utter economic understand by the Left astounds me and the only explanation for it that makes any sense to me is that they know that their policies are making things worse. Hell, I heard Rep. Nancy Pelosi on a radio news clip today saying this bill will also help small businesses get the credit they need during this credit crunch. They don’t need credit right now! They need the government to get the hell out of the way, to cut their taxes, and to get rid of the healthcare bill. Small businesses, according to something I heard tonight (I have no reference for this), are currently sitting on $2 TRILLION dollars in capital right now but they aren’t hiring. They aren’t hiring because they don’t know what their tax burden will be next year or how much they’ll have to pay for their employee’s healthcare! Why would they hire people if it’s only going to cost them more or why would they want to expand their businesses if they’re going to only be punished by increased taxes for their success? It doesn’t make sense. Oh, and going back to this whole “credit crunch” thing: it’s not true. They have the money and if they didn’t it would be stupid to take out a loan to hire people. You don’t do that. You hire people when you have the money to do so. You don’t put yourself in the red just to provide a job. We need people in charge that understand business and economics. Hopefully come November 2nd we will.


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