Posted by: Rational Voice | September 17, 2010

Happy Constitution Day!

I’d like to wish every freedom loving, liberal ideal loathing American out there a happy Constitution Day! 223 years ago, our Founding Father’s signed our Constitution, setting the foundation for our United States government. This day is rarely remembered though with the 4th of July taking all the glory–not that it is a bad thing. The Declaration of Independence is one of the greatest documents in human history and it should be celebrated as such. It formalized our break with the British government and set us on our current course. Without it we never would have had the Constitution. However, while I love the Declaration, I believe there is a popular misconception out there that the Declaration made our country, but it did not. It espoused the ideals of our great nation but it did not create it. It was merely a statement that the colonies were fed up with Britain and severed all ties with it. The document that actually created our country and is the law of the land (the Declaration contains the ideals of this land) is the United States Constitution but yet few celebrate it. I just wanted to make that quick point today before I forgot about it.

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