Posted by: sonofliberty1787 | September 16, 2010

Just a Few Questions

I’ve been a bit busy the last week or so and I haven’t had time to properly formulate any major articles. I have had some time to catch the news and keep up with some current events though. Though I haven’t been super involved, I have a few questions that have been bouncing around in my mind. 

Before I dive into my thoughts/questions I’d like to give a shout out to the Tea Party and Conservatives throughout the country. Last night went well for us, keep it up and let’s take this energy into November. We need Republicans in Congress over Democrats, but more importantly we need conservatives not liberal-lite. There have been far too many RINOs in Congress lately; we don’t need more Snows or Collins-like Senators. So, if you haven’t already, start investigating your election races, donate money or time and get your friends out to vote. This is a pivotal election. There’s more at stake than just stopping the sprint to the left, this is also our chance to show the establishment Republicans we want a true conservative party.

Now, in no particular order, it’s time for my questions and brief thoughts.

First, where are all the jobs? I thought this was the “Summer of Recovery,” yet unemployment officially sits over 9.6%, above the 8% we were promised it’d stay below. The only sector hiring is the public sector. Why is unemployment so high and why hasn’t a laser-like focus produced more jobs. 

Second, if Obama inherited an economic mess and two wars from Bush, does that also mean he inherited the success we’re seeing in Iraq? The President and numerous Democrat Senators opposed the surge, saying it would be a failure and only lead to more death, should these same people still be given credit for its success? Considering we now officially have ended “combat operations” shouldn’t we give W. some of that credit? 

The next question is more theoretical…what’s wrong with giving the rich tax cuts? Why are we so opposed to cutting taxes on the rich? If we give a 3% cut to all tax brackets, of course that’s more money for those paying $10,000 as opposed to those paying $1,000. Also, why do we continue to penalize the wealthiest in our country? The top 10% of wage earners already pay 68% of taxes, does it need to be more? 

Why is it that President Obama found time to weigh in against burning Korans, but was ok with building the Ground Zero Mosque? In both cases there is a right to do the action, but the wisdom is not there. Most people see that. Why then does the President only verbally disagree with burning Korans, but speaks (decently) favorably about the Mosque? 

On that note, do we really want to sell F-15s to Saudi Arabia? I know it will employ lots of people around the country, and in my home state Missouri particularly, but at what cost. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis and the radical Wahhabi Islam is exported from there. I know they are technically and ally and we get oil from them, but is it really worth the risk to sell them F-15s? What happens when the political winds shift, will they stand with us against a nuclear Iran? I doubt it. They’ll be neutral at best. But they will also now be armed without F-15s if they decide to take their fellow Muslims’ side… 

Where’s the oil? What about dead birds? Fish? I thought BP’s oil spill was the worst thing ever. I mean sure it was bad, and there was lost tourist revenue, but…What happened to all the oil, was Rush right? Did the ocean clean itself? It appears so. People are even eating crab and shrimp from the Gulf. In that case do we really need a moratorium on ALL off-shore drilling? 

And finally, what happened to the First Amendment? There are so many scary stories about political discourse being discouraged or threatened, everything from companies explaining the very real financial costs of the bill to the Coast Guard paying someone to monitor news of the spill. Then there’s news that insurance companies are being threatened for again talking about increased rates for insurance policies because of the healthcare bill. The government is using its newly created bill to thwack political opponents. How does that represent the First Amendment? 

These are all questions I’ve been asking myself and you should too. The very fact these questions have to be asked is frightening. There really are few good answers or explanations. When will we stand up and say enough is enough? Last night the country took a step in the RIGHT direction, let’s keep moving and make some real gains in November. 

*While some of these questions may seem rhetorical, please feel free to respond or comment on any of them. I’d love to hear others’ opinions or elaborate on these topics more.

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