Posted by: Rational Voice | September 6, 2010

Rational Reading for September 6th

This first piece sums up what I think a lot of people take issue with in regards to President Obama:

Mallory Factor – American Exceptionalism–And An ‘Exceptional’ President

Michael Boskin – Summer of Economic Discontent

Sean Trende – Bigger Than 1994

Robert Costa – Caddell on the Midterm Elections

Kevin A. Hassett and Alan D. Viard – The Small Business Tax Hike and the 97% Fallacy

Thomas Straubhaar – Obama’s Misguided Approach: America Has Become Too European

Charles Krauthammer – Our Distracted Commander in Chief

Matt Towery – It’s Beck’s Rally, but Hannity’s War

Ed Feulner – Stop Squeezing Small Business

Michael Barone – The Higher Education Bubble: Ready to Burst?


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