Posted by: Rational Voice | September 3, 2010

Rational Reading for September 3rd

Some of these are a few days old because, like I said, I’m in the process of moving and haven’t been able to post stuff as quickly or in the quantity I’d like to. If you read anything here, read the first one:

David Limbaugh – Obama’s Burden of Being So Bright

Ann Coulter – Obama is Not a Muslim

Michael Barone – Down With Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor

Jackie Gingrich Cushman – Building American Character

Larry Elder – The Glenn Beck Rule: How to Out a Racist

Larry Kudlow – The Business of America Is Business

Michelle Malkin – Big Labor’s Legacy of Violence

Linda Chavez – Bad News for Labor This Labor Day

Donald Lambro – Obama Can’t Regulate His Way Out Of This Recession

More to come later, possibly…


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