Posted by: Rational Voice | September 1, 2010

Rational Reading for September 1st

Here is today’s edition!

Thomas Sowell – The Mosque Controversy

John Stossel – Good Intentions Gone Bad

Frank Turek – Crimes Against Liberty

Here is a brilliant piece on where our foreign policy has gone and how we do nothing but tolerate, tolerate, and tolerate while we need to start finding our backbone and standing up to those who expect us to tolerate everything, even everything we disagree with as a people. We don’t have to accept everything and need to stand up for our America ideals and morals.

Bret Stephens – The Paula Abdul Theory of Foreign Policy

And again, the Left loves to say Conservatives are full of hate but again I have to question who are the ones that are really full of hate? Actor John Cusack went on a rant on Twitter calling for the deaths of those at Fox News and GOP leaders. Here we have another documented account of a Lefty calling for those he disagrees with to die but I doubt you’ll hear CNN, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, or commentator Ed Schultz talk about this hate. I know this isn’t a rational reading piece but it’s a news story I just came across and didn’t feel like posting it separately.


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