Posted by: Rational Voice | August 23, 2010

Racial Politics

Liberals love playing the race game when it comes to politics. Besides calling everyone who disagrees with President Obama’s agenda or supports a strict immigration policy to crack down on ILLEGAL immigrants, not legal immigrants,  racists, they love to tell minority groups who they should support and how they should think, whether it be Hispanics, African Americans, or any other minority group. This again came to light when Sen. Harry Reid said “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK, do I need to say more?” Why does he think that? If anything is racist, I’d say it’s remarks like these which are tantamount to saying “You’re not capable of thinking for yourself so just do what we tell you to do and think what we tell you to think.” If a Hispanic wants to be a Republican, that’s their choice. Nobody said that a specific group has to think a certain way and it’s condescending and racist to think they can’t make their own choices or formulate their own views.

Liberals play racial politics with more than just Hispanics. African Americans have been and still a group that has borne the brunt of these dangerous politics, especially lately. Black conservatives, especially those who support the Tea Party, have been called “Uncle Toms,” “Oreos,” and “traitors.” How is that not racist? Last summer, Kenneth Gladney, an African American, was beaten at a Tea Party really in St. Louis, Missouri by members of the SEIU. The NAACP weighed in on this, but not with the results you would have expected. They have never condemned the SEIU for beating up a fellow African American but they have condemned the Tea Party organization for being racist, despite having black members. In fact the Missouri NAACP called on prosecutors to drop charges against the men who beat Gladney and have said Gladney, because of his support of the Tea Party, is “not black enough” and is an “Uncle Tom.” Again, how is this not racist? Why does something like this get no attention from the media, with the exception of Fox News? All the other media outlets jump on unsubstantiated stories of Tea Party racism but somehow conveniently overlook real racism. Plenty of black Tea Party members have refuted claims the Tea Party organization is racist but you’ll never see that on the Liberal news because it would take away much of their reporting. Instead you’ll just continue to hear black Tea Party members called despicable names because they’re not following the racial party line. Hell, even Jesse Jackson said “You can’t call yourself a black man and vote against the healthcare bill.”

The Left doesn’t just play politics with race but also gender, as evidenced by the 2008 election and Sen. John McCain’s selection of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Feminists were up in arms over her selection and kept demonizing her because of her beliefs, especially her pro-life stance. Feminists didn’t seem to count her as a woman because of it. Don’t feminists want women to be strong and independent? Don’t they like to see women in places of power? They do, so you would have thought they’d have loved to see her on the presidential ticket, but they didn’t. They hated her and still do as evidenced in their continued fight against her but their lack of concern about sharia law. I’ll admit I am no fan of Sarah Palin but it still amazes me how much they hated her. Why do feminists want all women to believe what they believe? If they want women to be strong and independent, why do they demand that all women think the same way they do? It doesn’t make sense and is nothing short of sexist.

Racial politics are dangerous and are doing more to keep racism alive because it constantly puts race on the front page. Most people these days don’t even think in terms of race any more until they see the media mention it. I never think in terms of race until I read or hear stories about the first black this or the first Hispanic that until I hear it on the news or read it online. If race doesn’t matter (or gender/faith/etc. for that matter), why does the Left and the media keep bringing it up? This needs to end and once it does, racism, or what’s left of it, will finally die out, at least that’s what I think. If that happens though, the media may have to go back to actual journalism, something the media used to do.


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