Posted by: Rational Voice | August 13, 2010

Plan to Save Medicare

I was going to include this piece by Rep. Paul Ryan discussing Medicare in my Rational Reading for today but I decided to make it a stand alone piece, mainly because I am an unabashed supporter of Rep. Paul Ryan. I like his Roadmap and think that it could work, if not completely, at least well enough to fix a lot of the issues we have today. Liberals though just keep complaining and say that it won’t work, all while their plans are failing miserably. Also, they can’t debate his Roadmap on its merits or provide any facts to refute it which tells me that it’s a fool-proof plan to actually solve our issues, cut the size of government, and give more freedom back to the American people, something we all know Liberals don’t want. Also, while Liberals keep bashing his plan, they’re offering nothing constructive of their own, so aren’t they in effect being the “party of no” themselves?


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