Posted by: Rational Voice | August 11, 2010

Yet Another Union Bailout

Again, we’re bailing out another union, just like we bailed out the UAW. This “stimulus” spending is nothing more than what Rush Limbaugh rightly calls a “slush fund” to buy Democratic votes for the upcoming election. We are spending another $26 billion here that we don’t have! They’re trying to help solve budget issues by giving this extra money but it won’t help. Administrators and local governments won’t tackle the problem because they’ll have enough money to keep them going for another year and teachers’ unions won’t ever compromise because they know Democrats will have their back.

We keep kicking the problem down the road instead of dealing with it now. Yes it will hurt to deal with it now but trust me, it’s going to hurt a lot less than when we have to deal with it in the future. We could start solving problems now but cutting the benefits teachers get. Again, don’t get me wrong, we need teachers and there a lot of great ones out there but we cannot keep giving them everything because of the fact they’re teaching the nation’s youth. For example, the article tells of the Milwaukee, WI, school district could have avoided 500 teacher layoffs if the union agreed to cut their healthcare plan from a $23,000 plan (yea, that much, all at your expense), per year, per family, to a more reasonable $17,000 plan (which is probably still more than what your’s is worth). The union refused though, again showing how unions refuse to compromise, even when it ends up hurting them. Doing so always them to perpetually play the victim, always talking about how the Republicans don’t care about teachers when in reality the unions are doing more to kill jobs and hurt teachers than anyone else. Will they ever look in the mirror? I doubt it.


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